Natural cosmetics, why is it a trend?

The beauty routines go beyond a simple gesture that is repeated day after day, night after night. Something as common as washing your face or putting on a moisturizer can do more harm than good, both for the planet and for your skin.

It is only necessary to stop along the way and analyze the components of each of the elements that we put in contact with our body. Parabens or talc that have been in the toilets or sinks of millions of people for decades can even become toxic.

Faced with this scenario, natural products gain followers, in a beauty routine that ends up being more effective. For those who want to take care of themselves to the maximum, vegan cosmetics is the perfect ally, to achieve the most efficient and ethical results.

Take note of the products that can provide the skin with the best of nature, without any chemical element that can damage it and that, in addition, are free of animal suffering.

Essential oils, the ancient secret of beauty

The essential oils were used by the first cultures to care for the skin and even for therapeutic or medicinal purposes. The Egyptians already used a type of essential oils as it has been discovered in their tombs. They were considered extremely powerful, even believed to be able to ward off evil spirits. It was not until the 20th century that perfumer Rene Maurice Gattefosse incorporated these oils into natural medicine and cosmetics. Since then we find them in countless stores with very different purposes.

The skin can be nourished with the best essential oils according to its needs. We not only enjoy its aromas, but also its properties to achieve the appearance and finish we are looking for. If you want to try 100% natural oils, Yo Me Planto has the best options for all skin types.

argan oil is one of the most powerful natural moisturizers found in nature. Using this type of oil can help us look much more cared for skin, especially if it is exposed to changes in temperature, dryness or extreme cold can damage it. It is also easily applied on the hair to eliminate split ends, one of the most frequent problems we face. This oil is easily applied to the skin or hair in its convenient dropper system.

The jojoba oil that sells in spray form is perfect for care of the body and hair. Prevents stretch marks and provides the skin with a combination of linoleic acid and vitamin E that help regenerate it. An elasticity never seen before is what you will get with one of the most sought-after products of the moment. In addition to its properties, it has a characteristic smell, used in aromatherapy to calm our body and relax us.

Solid cosmetics: the big bet to save the planet

Beyond the harmful elements that some of the products we use every day, there is also another factor to take into account. The packaging with which these products arrive at our house. Solid cosmetics do not generate waste and are the cleanest option for the planet, in addition to taking care of our skin and hair.

The solid conditioner from with geranium scent is a powerful natural moisturizer. It has a little cinnamon in its composition, to prevent hair loss, in addition to avocado that offers strength and shine to the hair from the first applications. We simply put it under water and pass it through the hair so that it is dosed naturally. This tablet will last us a long time and will prevent waste from being generated.

The solid body cream made with shea butter and jojoba oil is everything your skin needs. It is easily applied to clean skin and will gradually dissolve. Among its composition, the rosehip stands out, which helps to regenerate the skin, in addition to the argan oil prevents premature aging and prevents the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles. A safe bet to fully enter the universe of the best solid cosmetics.

Eco-friendly makeup is a beneficial option

If you're one of those who wear makeup, you should keep in mind that the more natural it is, the less it will damage your skin.Getting the most out of our features goes through using makeup that is of good quality. Not only will you not pollute the environment with these products, but you will also achieve incredible results.

At you will find a fluid foundation perfect for leaving your skin without any impurities. With 4 shades available and a built-in sunscreen, this foundation has in its composition 99% ingredients of natural origin and 57.55% organic ingredients. With this cover letter and a geranium and lavender aroma, it will give us the best, taking care of the skin every day and protecting it from the sun.

Colorete vegano

The powder blush is the natural vegan makeup staple you're looking for. Manufactured by the Valencian company Maminat, it is made with 100% natural ingredients. With this we will achieve a perfect face without the need to cover it with any harmful element. It is suitable for sensitive skin so we can always wear it, even when pregnant.

The lip balm cannot be missing from any bag. This part of the body has a tendency to dry out, especially in some seasons of the year. The wind and the extreme cold or heat of summer will not be a problem with this vegan and ecological balm made from cocoa and shea butter together with almond and calendula oil. It does not contain petroleum jelly or petroleum derivatives, complying with the Responsible Declaration for the Manufacture of Cosmetic Products of the Spanish Association of Medicines and Cosmetic Products.

Balsamo labial vegano

Choose the best: 100% natural products with the certification that guarantees the highest possible quality. The change towards the natural begins, through the cosmetic products of


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