Vegan nutrition books: manuals on health and plant based recipes

There is a lot written about vegan nutrition. We can inform ourselves in a serious and documented way about cooking plant based through the books on vegan nutrition. There is also a wide variety of vegan recipe books, ideal both for personal use and as gifts for those people who don't know what to cook when they invite you to eat.

Today we are talking about three of the best books in Spanish dedicated to veganism, essential in any vegan library and ideal as a gift for family and friends.

Vegan cheeses by M. Boniface

This best seller teaches us how to cook vegan cheeses at home. In its 120 pages we will find a total of 30 recipes perfectly explained to make fresh or matured cheeses.

Maxime Boniface is the founder of the restaurant Väcka in Barcelona, ​​one of the most renowned in Barcelona specialized in vegan cheeses. The success of his recipes has led him to collect them in this illustrated book, in which you can discover and have at your disposal the secrets of a great professional chef. You won't be able to stop until you cook each and every one of their delicacies. Become step by step, in an instructive and entertaining way, in an expert vegan cheesemaker.

Vegan diet by M. Keller and E. Gätjen

This book offers practical information and tips to best manage the vegan diet during pregnancy and lactation. During these stages, a balanced vegan diet can be maintained by following these tips from Dr. Markus Keller and Edith Gätjen, renowned experts in the field of vegan nutrition in Germany. The authors shed light on aspects that affect the health of mother and baby during these phases, providing the most recent scientific evidence in this regard and offering a vegan nutrition pyramid for pregnant and lactating women.

Its highly documented and scientific content, although developed in a clear and easy to understand way, has made this publication one of the best books on vegan nutrition that exist specialized in this theme. In addition, you will find a total of 100 recipes for the stages of pregnancy, lactation and the complementary feeding period.

Homemade vegan cheese, yogurt, tofu, milk from Y. Hölzl-Singh

Thanks to this book you will be able to discover the best recipes to cook vegan cheese, yogurt, tofu or milk. Yvonne Hölzl-Singh, bvegan food logger, offers 50 irresistible creations strictly vegetable: tomato and rosemary cheese, coconut cream, fresh almond cream, oat milk and chickpea tofu. In addition, the author includes useful information on ibasic ingredients, fermentation, and curing.

With a single click on you can have access to some of the best cookbooks and vegan nutrition.

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