Vegan and sustainable fashion: the ethical future of the textile industry

Vegan fashion is the ethical future of an industry that has high rates of poverty and slavery to its credit. Beyond what is seen in the main low cost stores, there is a horizon from which many brands are completely disassociated.

Clothes and accessories don't have to be harmful in a globalized world, quite the opposite: they have to respect the environment and workers. This is possible if we change our consumption habits.

In this search for ethical and sustainable options, vegan fashion is revolutionizing the fashion sector.

Fast fashion and its consequences

Fashion advances so quickly that there is talk of fast fashion, a consumer product designed to last a single season. They are garments that are mass-produced for consumers who expect to pay little to dress in the latest fashion.

Bad quality garments that end up as waste in record time. If, in addition to this waste that covers the planet, we take into account the way in which it is produced, we will have a clearer idea of ​​the consequences of such a common act as entering a store and buying.

That low cost or brand name garment that looks so good on that mannequin has been produced by workers who are modern slaves of the fashion industry. Days of more than 10 hours every day of the week for a salary that does not even reach 50 euros per month. The consequences of this fast fashion purchase feed back into this type of problem that the world is facing. The residue of poor quality clothing and the slave labor behind the big brands.

There are several ways to deal with this type of industry, such as betting on circular fashion by buying second-hand clothes or, even better, betting on the so-called slow fashion, betting on vegan fashion and national manufacturing ethics.

The ethical change: Slow Fashion

The opposite of fast fashion is slow fashion. A radically different concept that offers a new way of thinking about fashion based on its durability and ethical quality. We all benefit from this industry, both local manufacturers, who use top quality products and are respectful of the environment, and the buyer, who receives a certified garment.

Some slow fashion brands are dedicated to recycling used garments, so those materials that often become waste that threaten the planet will be reused by artisan hands to give them a second life.

sustainable materials are the basis of slow fashion. In the composition of the garments we buy there are a series of materials that we must look at with a magnifying glass. The certification of this type of clothing is essential to discover that they are made of materials that do not really have animal origin and come from a responsible and ecological management of the raw material.

Our commercial proposals for slow fashion offers an extensive catalog of slow fashion garments with all quality guarantees and vegan and ethical certifications. Here you can find everything you need to play sports or live a day to day life that is comfortable and respectful of nature.

If you like to practice yoga, a whole selection of vegan biodegradable garments from the NOY brand awaits you at Made by artisan hands, they are garments that will last you for years and years in perfect condition, with the certainty that, once discarded, they will generate zero waste.

Calcetines de algodón orgánico

One of the most used materials in the most ethical industry of vegan fashion is organic cotton, recycled in a variable percentage. At you can choose from many ecological socks made of organic cotton with original and fun designs. A certified product that offers all possible guarantees, and that is also sustainable in its own packing, made with recycled materials.

Beyond clothing, the vegan and ecological accessories that we are adding to the catalog are also produced ethically. These products can also become a declaration of intent, as is the case with the PLÁNTATE recycled bag, designed exclusively by art_insoup and which has the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and VEGAN (delivered by Vegan Expertise Europe). It is made 100% with recycled materials and is one of the best options if we want to show off a practical bag that respects the essence of slow fashion.

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