Vegan gifts, beyond recipe books

As an alternative to the consumption of products of animal origin, veganism is here to stay. His ecological, socially ethical and respectful philosophy for animals applies to any area of ​​life, from food, the most common and well-known form, to hygiene, cosmetics and vegan fashion.

If you share the principles of this ideology antispeciesist and want to make those around you part of it, the vegan gifts that you will find in will be your perfect allies.

The ethical advantages of vegan gifts

The vegan gifts are sustainable with the environment, with national and European certification that guarantees an ecological production process.

Giving away vegan body products, clothing or accessories is a way to disclose a way of life that fights against any form of exploitation, both animal and human.

Betting on products that harm workers in their manufacturing process is, of course, one of the advantages of giving away a truly vegan consumer item.

In addition, these products will not contain elements of animal origin, such as wool, fur, feathers, leather, animal fat, eggs, milk or honey, being truly respectful towards animals.

Regalos para veganos

Vegan gifts that you will hit for sure

vegan gifts encompass all kinds of products that do not contain ingredients of animal origin or derivatives. At you will find endless alternatives so you can choose the one you think best fits with your friends or family.

The most popular products among our buyers are our vegan fashion garments. And it is that, although many begin their journey in veganism by eliminating or reducing animal products from their diet and buying vegan food online, they forget that they should also do the same in their cupboards. On our website you can choose between t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories and complements of all kinds for adults and children. You will even find ideal footwear to include in your vegan gifts.

Crema vegana para las manos

Another proposal for an ethical detail is, of course, vegan cosmetics. Many natural body products contain ingredients of animal origin, while vegan ones are made from 100% plant-based elements. Therefore, care must be taken that they are really vegan gifts and not to buy cosmetic products with elements of animal origin.

Other vegan gifts to recommend? The most classic: recipe or nutrition books plant based, a perfect detail for friends cooks or who want to discover dishes and food tips.

Whatever you choose, the important thing is that it is an ethical and ecological product. At Ya Me Planto we want to encourage you to follow a lifestyle that respects the planet and even more so with those around you. Plant yourself, think sustainable and buy organic.

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