About us

Ya Me Planto is the project of Giovanna Ficarazzi, better known as Vanna, a simple and creative vegan eager to put her small brick in the cozy house of veganism.

"Why not give my sustainable contribution?" Vanna asked herself one day in August 2021. And she made the decision: "I'm going to create a vegan marketplace, a place completely free of human and animal suffering with selected quality products".

This idea materialized at the beginning of October 2021, when yameplanto.com was activated and the project began to grow more every day, involving different suppliers and collaborators.

Currently, Ya Me Planto follows new lines of creative expansion, offering ethical collections of clothing and accessories, with exclusive designs made by different graphic artists.

And what does the future hold for Ya Me Planto? We don't have a crystal ball, but we do have one certainty: we will continue fighting to make life easier for any vegan, selecting the best ethical products at adjusted prices and without economic speculation.